Exercise, Not an option!

The most important thing for me in this journey right now is having the right mindset. Yes I’m drinking plenty of water, eat as healthy as I can, exercising, and staying encouraged. My encouragement today was, ‘Exercise is not optional’. In order for me to reach and maintain my goals I have to view exercise as something as mandatory as drinking plenty of water. It must be done. Maybe it’s more like doing laundry. You can wash every piece of clothing you own, but once you’ve worn it for the day it’s time to clean it again. You may not wash it that very day and you may even be able to go a few weeks before you have to wash again. If you wait too long you feel the effects of not washing when you can’t find that shirt you got for your birthday, or those bottoms that matches your favorite sweater perfectly. Likewise, you may be able to go days, months or even years with exercising, but you will start to feel the effects of it when you get short-winded going up a flight of steps or aches knees after a trip to the grocery store. I’ve experienced both of these and I didn’t like it one bit. Skipping a day is not ok for me, unless it’s a rest day. Exercise is not optional, it’s routine!



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