Good Morning, I can’t begin to thank a good friend for suggesting I read the power of positive thinking. I don’t know what struggles you may be battling with but I was recently bound by depression. The bad part about it is that I didn’t know. I had allowed so many negative thoughts dictate my every day it was unreal. I realized this yesterday when I forgot to wash something very important my husband needed for work. And the first thought that came to mind was ‘you are an absolute failure as a wife’. I sat down in this for a minute or two, and I believe because I had started repeating positive affirmations from God’s word to myself the next thought that came to me was ” I make Mistakes, but I’m not a Failure!” This lead me to think of more truths from the word and I wrote them on a poster and put them above my night stand. Seven in all. Like I mentioned early I don’t know what you struggle with from day to day but maybe these truths can help affirm some things in you as well:

‘I make Mistakes, but I’m not a Failure.’
‘I can do All things through Christ you give me strength.’
‘If God is For me ,then who can be against me.’
‘In Christ Every day is a New beginning.’
‘I am precious to God and He love me.’
‘God will supply All my needs according to His riches in glory.’
‘Jesus will Never leave me, nor forsake me.’

I also wrote them on index cards to keep in my purse. I pray you are blessed by these like I was. There is power and strength in these truths.


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